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Dry Needling

Do you suffer from ongoing muscle soreness or have persistently tight muscles?

If the answer is yes, then dry needling may be an effective treatment for you to release muscle tension and restore normal function.  Similar to acupuncture, dry needling uses the same filament needles to treat patients, however the underlying approach of dry needling is different to acupuncture - dry needling is based on western anatomical and neurophysiological principles (rather than Chinese medicine) to relieve pain and restore correct muscle function.

It is important to note that dry needling is not intended to replace conventional physiotherapy treatments, however it can often act as a valuable catalyst to speed up the recovery process and restore correct muscle function to patients.

How does dry needling work?  Is it effective in relieving muscle pain?

Dry needling works by inserting extremely thin filament needs into dysfunctional muscles which trigger the human body's biological processes to inhibit pain and release tension in the muscles aiding them in returning back to normal function.  Dry needling has established itself so well that public hospitals now fund its use as an effective method of pain relief. 

Generally speaking, dry needling is a painless procedure, however you may feel a cramping sensation as the needle enters the taut part of the muscle.  This is a good thing as this 'twitch' response triggers the body's release of the muscle tightness and starts the healing process.

Most patients say the dry needling experience is a very relaxing one for them, with some patients feeling a little tired afterwards (but able to carry on with their day with no impact).

Dry needling is an effective method of pain relief that supplements conventional physiotherapy treatments

What does dry needling feel like it?  Will it hurt?
How quickly will I see results after dry needling?

Most of our patients report an immediate and noticeable reduction in pain after their first session, which typically improves further after subsequent sessions. 


Several sessions are usually required to achieve the most benefit out of dry needling due to the source of the muscle tension and pain residing in the deep muscle tissue.

Dry needling is a proven effective treatment for pain relief - call us today on (03) 9457 2336 or book online to see one of experienced physiotherapists to see if dry needling is appropriate for you.